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Featured Product: 4Dimension Strut System from B-Line by Eaton

We’re excited to introduce the latest product from B-Line by Eaton, the 4Dimension Strut System! This new strut from B-Line is truly a game changer in the industry. Save up to 50% on material and installation time with this revolutionary new strut design.

4Dimension gets its name from the unique, four-sided design that allows use of all four sides, cutting down on cost, install time and labor. We’ve been counting down the days until this exciting new launch and wanted to share the news with all of you.

This innovative new strut system from B-Line changes how contractors and installers build and install support systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, data centers and HVAC in commercial and industrial spaces. After using the 4Dimension Strut System and seeing its benefits first-hand, contractors and install specialists will be singing its praises.

The revolutionary 4Dimension strut profile design and innovative accessories help contractors and installers compress project schedules, reduce material costs and increase configuration flexibility- without sacrificing load.

4Dimension Support Photo

How 4Dimension Strut Will Save You Money:

  • Two- and four-sided functionality delivers up to 50% savings on materials and installation time
  • Functional replacement for multi-layer trapeze and back to back strut systems, with considerable cost and material savings
  • Two trapeze solutions designed to provide up to 50% reduction in installation time
  • Helps save space and weight by fully utilizing all four sides

4Dimension Strut System’s Innovative Features:

  • Two- and four-sided functionality with versatile modular design
  • Superior strength and lighter weight for ease of transport, cut and assembly
  • Innovative fitting solutions with virtually hundreds of possibilities; and compatible with more than 90% of current strut fittings and accessories
  • Ideal for new and retrofit accessories
  • Two unique trapeze solutions
  • Three new alternative to welded back to back strut
  • SH hole accepts 5/8” hardware
  • Meets or exceeds MFMA standards

How can you say no to cutting costs and saving on installation time and space? 4Dimension strut is now in stock, for more information or to place your order, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or click here to request more information.

What Do Falling Oil Prices Mean for Clean, Renewable Energy?

Most people see the falling oil prices and celebrate the fact that they aren’t breaking the bank just to fill their gas tank. But others see the dropping oil prices as a threat to the entire clean energy economy. What the public believes is that the price of oil represents the price of energy. This is where people are mistaken; the price of oil does not dictate the price of all energy. In reality, they have very little in common.

In the past, these lower oil prices have caused the renewable energy market to panic. Why do the clean energy companies seem to be unbothered by the current drop in oil prices? The number one reason is that energy markets dynamics have altered greatly in the 21st century. When it comes to electricity, renewable energy and oil hardly mix. Diesel and similar fuels account for only 5% of global power, compared to 24% in 1973. In the United States, diesel only makes up 1%!

As you can see, the lower oil prices have almost no impact on solar or wind energy. The price of oil has almost nothing to with the future demand. For example, solar energy can be priced significantly lower than diesel electricity. The price of a barrel of oil would have to drop dramatically to come close to what you can get with solar energy. One excellent way to look at it is this: solar energy is basically free. Solar energy provides a major advantage over diesel, natural gas and coal because fossil fuel prices have proven to fluctuate so greatly over time. The oil market is a constant roller coaster; the price will drop significantly just to go up again. Clean, renewable energy has consistently dropped and is projected to continue this growth, unlike the unpredictable oil industry.

Now for some cold, hard facts. Solar energy costs have fallen 20% in the past year and 80% over the past five years.  Wind energy costs have dropped 15% in the last year and 60% over the past five. The drop in oil costs have people believing that clean, renewable energy must be struggling, but in reality they are proving how they have withstood the test of time and the unstable oil market.

Never fear, clean, renewable energy is here to stay! Are you interested in taking the next step to make your company energy efficient? Give us a call, we look forward to creating a plan designed to reduce energy consumption and save your company money.


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The French Gerleman Stock Optimization Program (SOP)

One of the best ways to reduce business costs is to properly manage your inventory.  Keeping your bins adequately stocked – but not overstocked – ensures you have product you need to maintain your operations and reduces your expense of carrying too much inventory.

French Gerleman’s Stock Optimization Program (SOP) will bring these savings, and more, to you.  We’ll keep your bins stocked to eliminate costs and facilitate process efficiencies while managing working capital.

“We’re not just looking at customers physical locations, we want to understand their business, including their inventory goals and objectives,” said Sean Nolan, vice president of market development.  “We can serve as another set of eyes and ears within their organization, collaborating with them to implement a plan that will best serve their interests.”

What are the benefits of the Stock Optimization Program?

  • Trim your procurement time and costs by consolidating your parts and reducing vendors.
  • Optimize your inventory levels. On average, French Gerleman customers see a 20% reduction in their inventory value. Use FG’s vast inventory to your advantage!
  • Ensure you are stocking the correct products for your specific applications by utilizing French Gerleman’s in-house subject matter experts.
  • Enhance your MRO team’s productivity. Improve storeroom processes with control and organization. Find what you need quicker and easier!
  • Increase uptime and eliminate stock-outs. No more pushing back deadlines or avoidable, costly downtime while waiting for critical parts.
  • Better understand your inventory with reporting and usage intelligence. Make certain you are stocking the correct items and track the critical, high usage and convenience items.

“We understand our customers businesses are dynamic and we have the flexibility and willingness to change with them,” said Nolan.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, is SOP Right for my company?  Think through these questions to help you decide.

  1. What specific goals have you set or been given for MRO inventory?
  2. How do you currently manage your MRO inventory?
  3. Do you currently utilize any supplier provided solutions?
  4. What is the on-hand value of your MRO Inventory?
  5. What types of materials do you maintain in inventory?

With our Stock Optimization Program, we focus on these key product categories:

  • Electrical
  • Safety
  • Fasteners
  • Lube and sprays
  • Automation
  • Datacom
  • Power transmission

Interested in learning more or getting started with SOP? Check out our Storeroom and Inventory page HERE or give us a call today. We look forward to creating a plan to keep your company organized, improve inventory control and saving you time and money.

The Five Divisions of French Gerleman

At French Gerleman, we offer a wide range of innovative products and supply chain solutions. Our product depth can seem overwhelming.  To make it easier to understand, we have broken it down into the five divisions of French Gerleman. For your convenience, we are five distributors in one!

To give you a little history on how our divisions developed, we began with Automation and quickly grew into Electrical Supply.  More recently, we have expanded into Datacom, Power Transmission and Personal Safety.  The diverse products we stock and represent grew from our need to help our customers centralize their purchasing. Realize profitability improvements by using our extensive inventory to your advantage.

Our large, local inventory and vast supplier network allows customers to consolidate their purchasing resulting in less paperwork, reduced inventory, lower procurement costs and improved profitability.  Our financial strength allows us the flexibility to invest in inventory, technology, logistics, and talent resources allowing us to quickly react to changing market conditions.

In the following paragraphs, we will break down each division to give you a better idea what is we do and how we can help your company improve its efficiency and profitability.

At French Gerleman, our automation team offers dependable products, new and advanced software technology and convenient technical support for any shop-floor to top-floor solutions. We provide the expertise needed to ensure your confidence and operational excellence. The French Gerleman factory-trained automation product specialists are willing and prepared to make sure your automation investment translates into improved efficiency and productivity that will ultimately increase your bottom line. We offer more than 30 of the world’s leading brands of factory automation equipment including, but not limited to: industrial computers, programmable logic controllers, AC and DC drives and power products, machine safety and much more.

Electrical Supply
French Gerleman is one of the largest full-line electrical distributors in the region. Not only do we have the staff, inventory and structure to serve you well, but we realize that your success depends on receiving high quality products and service. Our goal is providing our customers the best customer service possible. We offer an extensive array of electrical products supported by experienced specialists. Because we invest heavily in local inventory and offer efficient delivery options, you can trust us to have the products you need, when you need them.

We understand how frustrating it can be to call multiple places to find everything you need for your data communication projects. With French Gerleman, you just have to make one call to our Datacom Hotline! We serve a variety of markets including commercial, construction and industrial. With French Gerleman, you can count on us as your single source provider for products, training, services and solutions. Are you struggling to plan, design, manage or implement your data, voice or video communications? Our staff RCDDs provide design assistance to companies who need help in developing RFPs (requests for proposal) and specifications for their structured cable systems.

Power Transmission

It takes just one call to find everything you need for your mechanical power transmission projects. We serve a variety of markets including: Commercial, Mechanical, HVAC, and Industrial.  We harness the power of our manufacturing partners and our team of experienced specialists to provide you with a total power transmission solution.  Count on French Gerleman for a complete line of products, services, training and solutions.

Looking for a wide selection of personal safety and machine safety products, services and solutions for your business? French Gerleman has access to one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories of safety products in the region! You can enjoy the convenience of a single-source provider for all your safety needs, from personal safety and protective products for your employees or the safety option for your equipment. We can help you determine the right product for company and use with one simple phone call.

Have any questions about our products or services? Feel free to give us a call at 866-808-4240.  Our sales team is happy to lend you a hand!