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French Gerleman’s Washington Branch Celebrates 15 Years

FG Washington

French Gerleman, an independent distributor of automation, electrical supply, datacom, power transmission and safety products, is pleased to announce the 15th anniversary of their Washington, MO, branch.

French Gerleman’s Washington Regional Operations Center serves the I-44 and Highway 50 corridor. This location offers the full depth and breadth of the company’s product and service solutions including: enhanced local inventory, multiple delivery options, dedicated storeroom solutions, 24/7 emergency service, and specialized product manager support for customer convenience.

French Gerleman is dedicated to community involvement and growth in the Washington area. As members of the Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring local events and working with local merchants, they continue to build a lasting relationship with the community. They have also hired locally, with five Washington area residents on staff.

“Although French Gerleman enjoyed several customer relationships in Washington prior to the branch opening in 2000, becoming a part of the local community has been a very positive experience.  We have been welcomed and have benefitted from the proximity to many more exceptional businesses,” said French Gerleman president Mike Stanfill. “We look forward to continuing our focus and investment in this growing region.”

French Gerleman has continued their investment in their Washington facility with warehouse upgrades, new efficient lighting, HVAC system upgrades and more. French Gerleman will also debut a new “hot shot” delivery option in the coming weeks.

“This is a milestone year for our company, and we look forward to celebrating with our community,” said Stanfill.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, the French Gerleman is hosting a Customer Appreciation Day on Wednesday, September 9, from 11am to 1pm at their facility located at 1 Chamber Drive.

FG Customer Appreciation




Streamline Purchasing Efficiency with French Gerleman’s New Procurement PunchOut

French Gerleman announces a new feature of our eCommerce website,, to supply PunchOut enabled catalogs.

What is a PunchOut? In simple terms, it automates ordering directly from an internal procurement system while delivering a modern shopping experience.  PunchOut allows customers to find and select products while its connection fills in the information necessary to create a purchase order. It links the buyer’s procurement system and ours providing current pricing, availability and product information. After the shopping cart is returned to the customer’s procurement system, the buyer proceeds through the normal workflow steps.

Punchout FG

Why did we launch our PunchOut program?

At French Gerleman, we had a high demand for this service and we wanted to continue to provide our customers with the best, most efficient ordering experience possible. With PunchOut, our pricing is up to date to the minute and is available 24/7. Buyers have the option to order whenever convenient and customers can continue to rely on our sales staff and customer service representatives to provide the high level of customer service expected from French Gerleman.

What can customers expect from this feature?

Customers can expect a simple, streamlined way to obtain product information from French Gerleman in one convenient location – their own business system. What other advantages does the PunchOut feature provide to buyers? It removes steps from the ordering process, cutting down on required approvals for manually created purchase orders — saving them time and hassle.

After logging in through their purchasing application, buyers can search our inventory and add items to their shopping cart.  Once complete, the information is transferred and automatically populates within the procurement system for processing, eliminating the need to re-key the information. French Gerleman can support a variety of common procurement software packages including Ariba, SciQuest, Oracle and SAP.

Interested in getting started with your own PunchOut program? Contact your French Gerleman Sales Representative to learn more and we can help you set up your PunchOut program.

General Cable’s Cable Featuring GenClean™ Jacket Technology Withstands the Rigors of the Food/Beverage Industry

Sample LOGOWe’re excited to introduce you to General Cable’s Carol® Brand Rubber Cord featuring GenClean™.  General Cable’s Carol Brand is the most recognized name in flexible cords for temporary power. But what exactly is GenClean™? GenClean is a proprietary new jacketing technology developed by General Cable for rubber portable cord used in the food and beverage industry.  GenClean offers all the benefits and durability of rubber cord with a cleanable jacket, which permits organic material to be more readily removed in a wash cycle.

GenClean_Circular_FC - CopyRubber cord with the GenClean jacket technology may substantially reduce the environmental conditions conducive to microbial growth.  For water wash-down, water temperatures up to 212°F (100°C) are acceptable.  The maximum temperature for operation in water is 140°F (60°C).

The GenClean jacket has been tested with many solvents and has proven itself in the toughest of environments.  Furthermore, its super tough jacket construction is built to withstand daily abuse, temperature extremes (-50°C to 105°C) and high-stress industrial environments.  It is abrasion-, cut-, heat-, flame-, sunlight- and chemical-resistant and includes the following benefits:


  • Smooth rubber jacket with enhanced cleanability
  • High durability for longer life-cycle
  • High performance in the harshest manufacturing environments
  • Excellent flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Resistant to oils, acids, chemicals, ozone and sunlight (UV)
  • Abrasion- and cut-resistant
  • High heat and flame resistance
  • TRU-Mark® Sequential Footage Marking System

Who isn’t tired of dirty cables? We’re excited to have GenClean in stock, and to share the product with all of you. To learn more about GenClean technology or to download the informational video on TRU-Mark Sequential Footage marking system, simply visit GenClean.

GenClean Cable with Print Legend

Are you ready to order GenClean? Give us a call, we’d be happy to talk! Contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or click here to request more information.


Solar Rebates: Renewable Energy for Missouri

French Gerleman prides itself in offering the latest and most accurate information regarding automation and electrical needs to its customers. In doing this, we have made it our goal to become well versed with three major electrical utility companies in Missouri: Ameren Missouri, KCP&L and Empire Electric (Joplin, MO).

All of these work with their customers to ensure the best quality utility resources as well as meeting their electrical needs. The most recent electrical industry trend is renewable energy, particularly solar power.

Benefits of utilizing renewable energy in your home and business

In 2008, Missourians voted to begin the Missouri Renewable Energy Standard (RES), otherwise known as Proposition C. This requires that utility companies gradually phase in electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydropower. This began with at least 2% of the energy sold coming from renewable sources in 2011, leading to the projected 15% of the energy sold by 2020.

Ameren Missouri and KCP&L became the first Missouri utilities to start crediting rebates to its customers. This process didn’t actually start until the year 2013. By law, these energy providers were required to meet a percentage of their sales with renewable sources (2%), from the time the Renewable Energy Standard passed until they had reached their “cap” of 15%.

What does this mean for solar energy customers?

With a steady decrease in dollar per watt solar rebate, customers are urged to submit the Completion Requirements Application by the deadlines listed below to qualify for a rebate.

Solar Rebate

There is also a Federal Tax Credit of 30% available based on the total cost of the installed solar system. This credit is available for both commercial and residential systems installed prior to December 31, 2016.

After December 31, 2016, there will no longer be a Federal tax credit available for residential systems. Commercial systems reduce to a 10% tax credit.

Based on Empire Electric’s calculations ($1 per watt), the average residential unit would be 5 kW and the customer’s cost of installation would be around $15,000. The advertised rebate would cover $5,000 of the original cost ($1 x 5,000 watts, 1kW= 1,000 watts) and if the customer was to apply for the Federal Tax Credit, 30% of the total cost of installation, $4,500, would be credited as well.

Where can you find more information and stay up-to-date on the latest in Solar Energy News?

KCP&L at $50 million, has already reached its cap on solar rebates for their customers and provide a detailed chart for your convenience on their website.

Ameren Missouri at $91.9 million, has also reached their cap on solar rebates for their customers.

Empire Electric, in Joplin, is now giving rebates to their customers. You may still have time to apply for the rebate program. Their cap is estimated to be anywhere between $4 and $5 million, so the sooner you apply the better!

Solar panels on the roof of a building

Ready to go green with solar?

Are you interested in solar for your home or business?  Contact our Clean Energy team by completing this web form or calling 1-800-333-3122, ext. 5958.  You can also visit our Solar Solutions webpage for additional information.