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Meet the Team: Kansas City’s Industrial Automation Specialists

Joe and Dominic

We’d like to introduce you to Joe LaBella and Dominic Dasta, two Automation Specialists at our French Gerleman Kansas City branch. They provide pre-sale assistance as you select and specify the optimum solution for your application, as well as post-sale technical support.  What makes them different than others in the industry? Let us tell you.

Because they are solution focused, not sales focused, they are unique to their peers in the industry.  They are available to assist, educate and answer questions.  As a customer of French Gerleman, they are available for you to contact and work with on your projects.  With an eye on the end result, they help to ensure your automation investment tackles your efficiency, productivity and profitability issues.

“We have helped customers on solutions including varying components that would normally be handled by multiple product people,” says Dasta.  “One job included: breakers; motor control and pilot devices; automation, including PLCs, distributed I/O and HMIs; drives; and even enclosures and wiring devices.”

Together, Dominic and Joe have a combined 40+ years of industry experience.  Like the rest of our Automation Specialists, they have the depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience to help answer questions and make sure your automation investment translates into increased efficiency and productivity that will improve your bottom line.

“Honestly, the best of my job is seeing how stuff gets made,” says LaBella. “Being able to listen to a customer’s unique needs for their process requirements and helping find a cost effective solution is the fun part. Starting with the customer’s design, helping provide their bill of material and then assisting them post sale is very rewarding.”

At French Gerleman, we make it our mission to solve our customers’ questions and problems, offering solutions and the insight/training you might need to strengthen your skills. If your business is looking to set up training, feel free to give us a call and we can offer options to meet your needs.


Our Kansas City branch is located in the suburb of Lenexa, Kansas along the I-35 corridor. Our territory includes Northwest, Missouri; Southwest, Missouri; and all of Kansas.

French Gerleman After Hours Emergency Services

Expert Assistance, 24/7/365

When it comes to production lines and facility downtime, every minute counts. We provide our customers with after-hours emergency support to help reduce your downtime and save you money. Whether you need an emergency part or the answer to a technical question, we are happy to help! Here’s some info on our emergency services.

After-hours emergency services are available from 5:00 PM – 7:00 AM on Monday through Friday and around the clock on weekends and holidays. If you need us, we’ll be here!

You can take advantage of our after-hours emergency service by calling your local branch number listed below. When calling your local branch, please follow the prompts to reach our on-call representative. In some instances there may be a fee to open our facilities.

247St. Louis

800-333-3122 or 314-569-3122

Kansas City

800-707-3122 or 913-894-8844

Columbia, MO

800-283-3122 or 573-474-4194

Quincy, IL

800-234-3122 or 217-223-3122

Washington, MO

888-959-9488 or 636-390-4949

French Gerleman is the region’s leading supplier of automation, electrical supply, datacom, power transmission and safety products and services to industrial, commercial and construction markets. Our branches are staffed by experienced customer service professionals who can help you find exactly what you need and answer even your most technical of questions. Give us a call, we look forward to working with you, regardless of the day and time.

Product Spotlight: MC Luminary Cables™ from AFC Cable Systems

This new cable from AFC Cable Systems is built to solve a very specific, and time consuming problem: installation of electronic dimming systems. What’s unique and special with the MC Luminary cables™, is that it contains the lighting and low voltage (dimming) wires in one metal jacket. Therefore, when you install LED lighting, you only have to pull one cable, not two.

Electronic dimming systems require both power cables and control cables in order to control the amount or power supplied to the lights. The current installation methods required for LED and fluorescent electronic dimming systems require both power and control cables to be run parallel and terminated separately. This is not only time consuming, but can also be costly. That’s where AFC came in with their solution.

They developed an easier and more efficient way to deliver both power cables and control cable under one UL listed metal clad armor (MC Cable). Not only does this cut down on costs and installation time, but also creates a cleaner, more organized appearance in the wall.


  • LED and Fluorescent dimming
  • SMART Buildings

For your convenience, MC Luminary Cable™ is available in both lightweight steel and aluminum armor. Here are some more down and dirty details on the MC Luminary Cable™.


  • Solid copper conductors
  • Insulated conductor type THHN and TFN
  • Neutral conductor: white or gray
  • Control cables: 16 AWG solid TFN Twisted jacketed pair (purple/gray)
  • Permits conductors of circuits to be placed in a cable with conductors of electric light, power, or Class 1 circuits
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • Maximum voltage rating: 600V


Be one of the first to experience the most innovative product launched by AFC Cable Systems. Ready to learn more about MC Luminary Cable™? Give your French Gerleman Account Manager a call or contact us.

Product Spotlight: Hubbell Metal Raceway

HBL750W Family_KO

Another exciting product launch from Hubbell Wiring Devices!  Hubbell has expanded their line of surface metal raceway.  The HBL 700 series now joins the HBL 500 and HBL 750 series, which are all low profile single service metal raceway products.  Further, along with ivory, white has been added to the offering.   French Gerleman has committed stock, ready for your next planned project.

The HBL 700 series includes pull wire efficiency with Hubbell’s full 3/4 inch HBL 750 series raceways. They offer enhanced safety with rounded corners on all boxes, eliminating sharp edges. Also maximize your productivity with Hubbell’s unique Handi-Screw. This eliminates difficult to install long screws, creating a shorter, and less cumbersome installation. The one seam construction adds a “clean” look and the box design allows standard wallplates to be mounted flush with virtually no perimeter profile exposed.


Raceway Features:

  • The HBL 750 series accommodates up to five CAT 5e, three CAT 6 or two CAT 6A cables.
  • For convenience, the raceways offer triple knockouts on boxes, allowing usage with all HBL500, HBL700 and HBL750 series channels.
  • Additionally for quick installations, the prewired, Metallic Raceway family is the PlugTrak and Portable PlugTrak, available with standard, tamper-resistant or USB r

To learn more about Hubbell Metal Raceway, download the PDF HERE, or give your Account Manager a call.

We’re excited to carry this expanded, complete offering of Hubbell Raceway!  Call us, go online or stop by one of our sales counters to order today for your next project!