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Product Spotlight: Thomas & Betts Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors

Now you might read that headline and think to yourself, “French Gerleman has gone mad. Why on earth are they talking about Dragon’s teeth?” We haven’t completely gone crazy, but we are in love with Thomas & Betts newest product, the Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what it is and how it can help you. Let us dive right in!

With the Dragon Tooth, you can splice, tap and terminate magnet wire quickly and easily, without any problems. Tough, high temperature insulation on magnet wire that is used by electrical motor and transformer manufactures can create problems in splicing and termination. The durability of magnet wire insulation, while great, the process of removing the insulation by chemical stripping and/or mechanical means can be toxic, time consuming, and a safety concern. That’s where Thomas & Betts came in with a solution.

The Dragon Tooth eliminates the need for chemical stripping and other methods of removing the insulation. That sounds pretty amazing, right? It gets even better. There are no special operator skills needed. The connector and matching tooling do the entire job.

Thomas & Betts Dragon Tooth connectors and installation tools are designed to splice, tap and terminate magnet wire from 32 AWG to 460,000 CMA copper and from 20 AWG to 460,000 CMA aluminum conductors in motor and transformer applications. It can penetrate the insulation and oxide layers to make electrical contact on magnet wiring, with the result being permanent, low-resistance electrical connections that are capable of maintaining contact integrity throughout the life of the connection.

dragon tooth
Here are a few additional highlights on the connectors:

  • Made of copper alloy, tin plated, with teeth on the inner surface
  • Splices and taps have an open side enabling easy access to wire and making internal coil tapping possible
  • For aluminum to copper, aluminum to aluminum or copper to copper magnet wire connections
  • Supplied with bolt holes to accommodate No. 6 through 1/2″ studs and includes male and female .250 x .032″ disconnects
  • Splices and fork terminals accommodate wire sizes 24 AWG to 12 AWG in a variety of combinations, including combining magnet wire with stripped wire lead. For solid or stranded wire #20 to #4/0 AWG
  • Larger connectors accommodate circular mil range from 50,000 to 460,000 cm
  • Connector and matching tooling do the entire job

An electrically sound, low-resistance connection is established as a result of the combination of high-pressure at the edges of the teeth and the sliding action between the teeth and the conductor. The open barrel design permits midspan splicing and tapping.

For more information on the Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors or how to select a connector, you can download the T&B Dragon Tooth PDF. Or, contact your Account Manager today to learn more! You’ll be saying, “how have I gone this long without Dragon Tooth?”

Product Spotlight: SolaHD LVGP Transformers

These transformers from SolaHD might not be new, but they sure are mighty. And as of January 1, they comply with the DOE 2016 standards that can be found in detail HERE.  SolaHD manufactures transformers of unsurpassed quality, and they do so right here in the United States. As an American company, we know that the transformers are a key part of the US infrastructure. SolaHD’s low-voltage, dry-type models will meet the new DOE 2016 energy-efficiency requirements for distribution transformers. Even though they have been changed to meet the energy-efficiency requirements, they are still the same pre-DOE 2016 physical size. Here’s a closer look.

SolaHD is at work for you, from the facility floor, service entrance, power distribution points, branch panel and point of use applications. Their products power the most demanding applications, and can be used alone, or in conjunction to ensure controlled, reliable power to all parts of the factory floor or machinery.

SolaHD Family of Transformers
With SolaHD, they offer a broad range of transformers that can meet any application. Their dry-type transformers are offered encapsulated, ventilated or non-ventilated, 600 Volt Class, isolation type, single and three phase, through 500 kVA. There are also indoor and outdoor models available. Be sure to check out their full line of transformers HERE for more details on the types available.

How do I select a transformer?
SolaHD makes that easy for you! Check out their selection steps HERE to help you manually select the right transformer. It’s important to find the electrical load requirements, know the supply voltage conditions, and determine the transformer kVA rating.

Here is a helpful guide:

Single Phase

Three Phase

Interested in learning more about SolaHD, their family of transformers, or placing an order? Give your account manager a call today or contact us.

French Gerleman: Credit Card Processing

Did you know French Gerleman offers a convenient credit card payment option for online orders? We offer this option to customers that prefer purchasing by credit card with or without open account terms.

With our credit card processing, check out is convenient, flexible and fast. No time to get a purchase order issued for needed products but have a monthly budget allocated to your Procurement Card (PCard)? offers the perfect solution for Maintenance or Facility Managers with a PCard.

credit card checkout

Here are a few key points of this feature:

  • Convenient, flexible and saves time – order 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Quickly take care of last minute requirements to complete a project
  • Secure credit card processing with the latest, most up-to-date security measures
  • Utilize core e-Commerce functionality, including worksheets for repeat orders, select ship to location and much more
  • We accept all four major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Some customers prefer to purchase with their credit card for tracking purposes. We can now accommodate that!

If you don’t have an account with us and still want to utilize our credit card option, that’s no problem! Simply request a login and password HERE, and within 1-2 business days you will be set up and ready to place an order.

Credit card option

The checkout process is quick and simple. Once you get to the payment section, you have two options: your FG Account or Credit Card. To choose credit card, it’s as simple as checking that option.

Our credit card processing is available on and ready for you to place your order!

Build Your Career with French Gerleman

At French Gerleman, we are in the business of building careers and are often looking for good people to join our team. We work together as a team, and all voices are heard. Our family-owned company offers opportunities for growth, but we’re not too big that it feels “corporate” or impersonal.

We offer a wide variety of positions and embrace motivated people at all career levels. Managers encourage their employees to advance their skills to provide opportunities for career growth.

At French Gerleman, you have the ability to manage your projects. You have the freedom to learn, voice your opinions and succeed.

The type of people French Gerleman looks for are motivated, driven, upbeat, outgoing, team players, with good listening skills who can communicate with customers. We are looking for people who are excited to learn and not afraid to speak their mind.

We offer our employees great benefits including health insurance, 10 paid holidays off a year and an exceptional 401 (k) and profit sharing program. French Gerleman is not just where you work, but where you can build a career.

Interested in learning more or joining the French Gerleman family?  Contact Kelley Dorsey, Manager of Talent Acquisition, at 314-213-5965 or for more information or visit the CAREERS section of our website for a list of current openings.