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Lower Installed Cost Solutions with Eaton’s B-Line Series Products

If you’re looking for lower total installed cost solutions, look no further than Eaton’s B-Line series products. In this blog, we will highlight two solutions that can help you save big:

  • 4Dimension strut
  • B-Line series metallic cable tray


 4Dimension Strut System – Save up to 50% on Materials and Installation

Eaton’s new B-Line series strut system, 4Dimension strut, is truly a game changer in the industry. Its unique, multi-sided design allows use of all sides, helping cut down on cost and install time, while saving space.


  • Multi-sided functionality with versatile modular design
  • Superior strength and lighter weight for ease of transport, cut and assembly
  • Innovative fitting solutions with virtually hundreds of possibilities; and compatible with more than 90% of B-Line series traditional strut fittings and accessories
  • Ideal for new and retrofit accessories
  • Two unique trapeze solutions with time savings up to 50% on many applications
  • Three new alternative to welded back to back strut, an ideal solution to welded back to back
  • SH hole accepts 5/8” hardware
  • Meets or exceeds MFMA standards

Learn more by visiting the 4Dimension website or view the video.


Structural Steel Savings with Eaton’s B-Line series Metallic Cable Tray

B-Line series metallic cable tray systems are engineered to provide the best strength to weight ratio, allowing installers to gain significant savings by reducing the number of structural steel supports required to install the system.

The most significant cost driver associated with cable tray installations is the cost of the supports which can range anywhere from $300 to over $5,000 per support depending on the complexity and location of the project.

Supports can be a significant cost.

steel costs

When assessing the potential to eliminate structural steel supports, Eaton recommends focusing on three key design considerations for any project – (1) straight section span, (2) fittings support locations and (3) supports to allow for thermal expansion.

  1. Increase Straight Section Span

Transitioning from 10 feet spans to 20 or even 40 feet span, by utilizing longer lengths of cable tray, reduces the number of structural steel supports on straight section runs by 50 percent or more.

  1. Reduce Required Fitting supports

Eaton’s B-Line series cable tray is engineered to provide more flexibility in selecting the proper supports location for fittings. In addition to this robust design, B-Line has conducted extensive testing to provide several options to support Horizontal Bends, Tees, Crosses, and Vertical Bends which reduce the fittings supports anywhere from 50% to 66% as compared to other systems.

  1. Supporting Expansion Splice Locations

Proper thermal expansion and contraction is key to any cable tray installation.  Eaton’s patented B-Line series heavy duty expansion splice eliminates the need to install additional supports within 2 feet (600 mm) on each side of the expansion location when it is placed at ¼ span. 

By incorporating Eaton’s B-Line series metallic cable tray and one or all three structural steel savings solutions above, customers can help eliminate a substantial amount of labor and structural steel on any given project and can save millions.

Where do we go from here? If you want to learn more about Eaton’s B-Line series solutions and how they can help save you money, be sure to check out their presentation from our Product and Technology Expo HERE, or give your account manager a call today.

Product Spotlight: Greenlee ErgoLab

The folks over at Greenlee are making history by launching the industry’s first Ergonomics Laboratory!  The Greenlee ErgoLab, based in Rockford, Illinois, offers state-of-the-art equipment to identify the ergonomic value of a tool by using scientific testing, measurement, and analysis.  The laboratory is designed to streamline the decision making process  for utility and electrical tool users, as well as purchasing officers and other decision makers, and to help them determine the best tools for them to use while on the job.

“This new ErgoLab gives Greenlee the ability to analyze and deliver objective data and offer everyone the ability to see what a tool is actually worth,” said Raffi Elchemmas, Tool Ergonomist at Greenlee. “By having to ability to compare muscle efforts against ergonomic qualities, it allows people to see and understand the health and safety benefits; making the purchasing decision process that much easier.”

ergo lab slide 3

The reality is that ergonomic injuries are totally different than general work-related injuries and therefore need to be managed differently. This is done by measuring muscle effort, as well as choosing the tools and work practices that are associated with decreases in muscle effort.

ergo lab slide 2

Using state-of-the-art electromyography analysis equipment and ergonomic evaluation software, Greenlee researchers are now able to measure and record the amount of electrical activity produced by the skeletal muscles. In addition to this, they will also be able to collect grip strength and bio feedback information such as heart rate, ECG Waveform, and skin temperature.  All of this information is used to help determine which tools are best suited to be utilized on each jobsite.  The company has also developed a mobile version of the Greenlee ErgoLab to offer job site analysis to end users.

The Greenlee ErgoLab shares all of their testing results for specific tools through published white papers and ergonomic datasheets.  You can find all of this and more on the Greenlee website  or download the PDF HERE. Or, give your Account Manager a call today for more info or to get started with Greenlee ErgoLab.

Mersen New Product Launch: Surge Protective Devices

Your facility is full of expensive, important equipment that you rely on daily. Not only do down machines cost you time, they are expensive and frustrating for your team and customers. That’s why surge protection is a hot topic that you NEED to make sure is addressed.

What types of damage can a surge cause to a facility? The three main types are disruptive, dissipative and destructive.

  • Disruptive is when a surge enters an electronic component which interprets the valid logic command. This causes the system to lock-up and machines to malfunction, which leads to faulty output or corrupted files.
  • Dissipative damage is caused by a repetitive, pulsing of short duration energy, causing long-term machine or system degradation, leading to system replacement sooner.
  • Destructive damage is a high-level energy surge that immediately results in equipment at earlier intervals.

With a minimal investment, you can protect your sensitive equipment or entire facility from surge events. Mersen’s Surge-Trap product line offers a world-class suite of surge protection products designed to keep your facility protected and save you from costly, unscheduled downtime.

Mersen has created six new product lines to address all applications and target markets. They are:

  1. Surge-Trap STXH
  2. Surge-Trap STXR
  3. Surge-Trap STXP
  4. Surge-Trap STXT
  5. Surge-Trap STZ (Internal)
  6. Surge-Trap STZ (External)

Features and Benefits

All devices are Type 1 SPDs making them suitable for all applications from facility service entrances to individual equipment point-of-use. These surge protective devices are designed with the popular, industry leading, Mersen-patented Thermally Protected MOV (TPMOV) technology – the best performing, most reliable surge suppression technology on the market. It also features a wide range of surge capacities to fit any and all applications and target markets.

Each surge protective device is designed with the latest printed circuit board technologies and components for optimized footprint, cost and reliability. They feature options addressing the needs of new and retrofit facility installations, including LED status indicators, surge counters and disconnect switches.

Mersen surge trap

Nema surge

Why should you choose Mersen? Almost all Mersen SPDs feature their patented TPMOV technology, a fail-safe surge protection solution that eliminates the need for additional wiring, fuse components and costly installation time. As a result, Mersen offers the lowest cost, safest and most reliable surge protection products on the market. Their TPMOVs cover every nearly voltage need within your facility.

To see the full line of products, descriptions and features, you can download the PDF HERE.

While many people are familiar with the damage that a lightning strike can inflict, fewer people are knowledgeable about the dangers of indirect lighting strikes. In this video from Mersen, you’ll learn how their Surge-Trap SPDs can help protect you.

Are you new to surge protection or interested in learning more? Mersen offers education and collaborative product training annually with hands-on experience to learn more about their products. For more information, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager today.

Don’t Replace – Remanufacture or Repair Equipment with French Gerleman

Broken equipment? Before you panic, before you buy new, consider remanufacturing or repairing instead of replacing! At French Gerleman, we offer cost saving remanufacturing services on Allen-Bradley equipment and repair service on thousands of other manufacture’s parts. Whether it’s AC/DC drives, PLCs, servo motors and drives, or robots and controllers, we are your single source for repairs.

There are times where it makes more financial sense to repair broken or worn down equipment than replace, especially when the repairs come with the same or better warranty than a new part.  French Gerleman is here to help save you the expense of a total replacement by repairing your used equipment, or returning it to a like new condition with remanufacturing services.


For Allen-Bradley products, Rockwell Automation follows a strict seven step process in their 10 global ISO certified remanufacturing facilities on every part they receive. They are the only repair facilities who can upgrade your Allen-Bradley equipment to the latest proprietary revisions and enhancements to bring it up to original equipment manufacturer specifications.  Any failed or marginal components are replaced with only the engineered specified parts, no substitutions.  Their dynamic and environmental testing goes above and beyond to weed out any intermittent failures. They treat every product and part as a new one, running them through the same tests as newly assembled products.

Repair services are available for more than 200,000 items from over 7,000 manufacturers. With the acquisition of Lektronix, a leader in the repair industry, Rockwell Automation incorporates techniques used in the remanufacturing process to support the quality repairs.  With repairs performed in their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities using advanced automated testing, we provide your parts back with a one year warranty on the entire assembly. The best part? You save money and your maintenance personnel can tackle higher priorities.

Rockwell Automation has more than $100 million in inventory, including more than 50,000 catalog items in their warehouse in Memphis, TN. It typically takes 7-10 business days to repair once it is received in their facility, but a customer can ask for and receive a repair part in 3-5 days on average which includes an extended 18 month warranty. Need a part in a hurry? Rockwell offers priority next day exchange that includes a 24 month warranty.

List price to list price, you can save about 50% on average when repairing over buying a new part. That’s a lot of money your business will be saving!

Need a repair or want to learn more about our repair services? Give Joe Kasperski, our TechCenter Services Manager a call at 314-213-5886, or send him an email at We look forward to helping you save money and maximize your investment.

*Some brands and services may not be available at all French Gerleman locations. Ask your sales representative for specific availability information.