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French Gerleman Named a St. Louis Business Journal Family Business Award Winner

family-business-awaeThe St. Louis Business Journal just released their list of Family Business Award winners, and we are excited to announce that French Gerleman has made the list. This is the first year for the award, and we are thrilled to be honored alongside six other local, family owned companies.

For nearly 100 years, we have kept the company in the French family and maintained our strong mission statement. We have six family members currently involved with the business. It’s important to us, as a company, to not only grow as a whole, but for individuals within the company to grow and be successful. We are particularly proud of our many long term employees – we have many 20+ year employees among our ranks! Our employees become like family and we are fortunate to have them on our team.

Founded in 1923, French Gerleman was built on a strong foundation of guiding principles. Among those is a continued emphasis on forging enduring relationships with those who have had an interest in our success.

We are grounded in the past and poised for the future. Our success is dependent on all us working together to stay strong and to continue to grow as a company. We are proud of our history and that strong background helps us work towards the future.

Stories for each of the companies honored by the St. Louis Business Journal appeared in the October 21 issue, which can be found HERE.

Thank you to the St. Louis Business Journal for this honor.  It means a lot to us to be recognized for our family heritage and history, it is what makes French Gerleman what it is today.

Product Spotlight: Thomas & Betts Liquidtight Fittings

The new generation of Quick-Connect™ Liquidtight Fittings from Thomas & Betts install up to three times faster than traditional liquidtight fittings.  T&B’s innovative two step push-in technology with a captive sealing ring makes this new line installation-ready — just push and tighten avoiding multiple steps and multiple parts. The new push-in technology is ideally suited for high-volume OEM applications and is compatible with both UL and UA type liquidtight.

In most electrical installations, critical electrical components are protected by a NEMA rated enclosure. These enclosures are like a fort, protecting the castle from any damage or exterior threats. Fittings play a key role in preventing liquids and dust from penetrating the enclosure and maintaining its appropriate NEMA rating.

The T&B Liquidtight fitting line is the end-all for liquidtight and dust-tight connections. You benefit from their expertise and the integrity that their liquidtight and dust-tight connections offer.  Fittings are available for a variety of conduit systems as well as portable cord.

T&B fittings and cable protection systems are made to the highest quality standards and can be specified to meet any customer requirements. If you need it a certain way, they can make it work for you.

Not only do T&B fittings meet the highest standards, but they also offer the largest and most technologically advanced liquidtight fittings in the industry.

Here is a quick overview on the materials and features of the T&B Liquidtight Fittings:

Available materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and non-metallic (PVC, Nylon and Thermoplatics)

See how T&B’s Quick-Connect™ Liquidtight Fittings install up to 3x faster:


No Moisture Pooling: The distinctive pumpkin-like (perfect for Halloween) appearance and unique gland nut on T&B Liquidtight fittings deflects water away from the connector and prevents pooling.

Double-Beveled Sealing: T&B Liquidtight fittings feature unique sealing mechanisms made from high-temperature rated thermoplastic in a distinctive blue coloring. The foolproof design prevents them from accidentally being installed backwards, and therefore, not as secure of a seal.

Infinitely Adjustable: You will save time and money with revolver grounding fittings that use an infinitely adjustable rotating ground lug.

Interested in learning more about this elite, powerful liquidtight fitting line from T&B? Give your French Gerleman Account Manager a call today!

Noise Mitigating Cable- What Do You Need To Know?

Mitigating noise between cables used for high speed data communication is a major challenge. Luckily for us, and you, General Cable has come up with a solution! The GenSPEED 10 MTP utilizes revolutionary Mosaic Crossblock technology to shield the cable from other external cable sources without the need for grounding.  This design includes an insulating layer separating metallic blocks.  With this patented technology, there is no need for grounding since there is no metal-to-metal contact.

Now you can future-proof your networks with the GenSPEED 10 MTP Cable from General Cable! The industry-trusted thin-profile 10 gig cable features a reduced diameter and enhanced performance. The cable’s reduced overall diameter allows for a much easier installation and increased fill capacity.  The UTP design provides industry-leading protection from external cable noise sources, which is also known as alien crosstalk. The thin metallic tape of segmented sections that separates the insulated layer is the Mosaic Crossblock.  This eliminates the metal-to-metal contact and eliminates the need for grounding.

For more info and detailed look at GenSPEED 10, check out the video HERE.


Here are some of the key features of the GenSPEED 10 MTP:

  • Thin-profile design with reduced cable weight for increased fill capacity
  • Superior protection against alien crosstalk
  • Utilizes EfficienC Max technology to support up to 140 W* to PoE devices
  • Cable temperature rated to 90 degrees Celsius for higher protection
  • Rugged 23 AWG Conductors
  • First to industry with UL listing CMP-LP (0.7A)

With improved protection against alien crosstalk, new thin profile and easier installation, what more can you ask for? To learn more about the GenSPEED 10 MTP or to place an order, contact your account manager today!

New Outdoor LED Lighting Surge Protection Solutions from Mersen

LED technology and lighting has taken over the market because of their efficiency, versatility, energy savings and longer life. But why is surge protection needed, particularly in outdoor applications? While they have countless benefits, the technology also has a number of drawbacks, including higher cost of implementation, more complex internal electronics and they are much more sensitive to overvoltages than traditional light sources.

To help extend the life of an outdoor LED luminaire, the use of overvoltage surge protection systems is a cost effective investment to ensure the ROI of LED projects.

Often times people associate SPDs with interior machinery, but with outdoor LED lighting, it’s important to protect your equipment, or your cost savings might go out the window. So what is a surge protection device (SPD)? A SPD connects upstream of the drive, complements the intrinsic immunity of the luminaire, creating a more robust protection against lightning and overvoltages. SPDs protect equipment by discharging the overvoltage to earth, therefore limiting the voltage reaching the equipment.

The three-stage SPD solution from Mersen

  1. Lighting Panel (SPD+POP series)
  2. Pole/Fusebox (STM SLIM series)
  3. Luminaire (STLB series)

Surge Protection in the Lighting Panel
This is the first stage of protection. A two-in-one combined (POP + SPD), it protects against permanent

or temporary overvoltages (POP) is the perfect complement to the typical first stage protection, a type 2 SPD in the lighting panel.

Surge Protection in the Pole/Fusebox

Mersen’s STM SLIM is the new range of LED arresters which provides a solution for installation in fuse boxes (located in the mast of the luminaire) with a DIN rail. It’s perfect for retrofitting.

Surge Protection in the LED Luminaires
These feature STLB Surge-Trap, the best in-line surge protection for LED lighting applications. A single device is suitable for single, split or three-phase applications; can be installed in series or parallel with the luminaire; features leakage current free technology and visual end-of-life indication.  The fastening flange allows the SPD to be installed upright or flat, depending on the space constraints of the luminaire.

Mersen Map

It is certified and suitable for worldwide installations.

Mersen’s Surge-Trap three stage LED solution is ideal in a wide range of outdoor lighting applications, including: street lighting, industrial lighting, public lighting, parking garages/surface lots, stadiums, tunnels and much more. For more information on Mersen’s Surge-Trap LED surge protection, give your Account Manager a call or contact us.

Datacenters – Becoming More Common in Our Workplace, Next Step Solution

French Gerleman is a proud distributor of Wirewerks with more than 250 SKUs in stock including patch cables, face plates and adapter strips.  They offer a 25-year product and labor warranty as well as local manufacturing and an excellent lead time of custom assemblies.  Wirewerks is extremely customer driven, proudly boasting the mentality that they are only “as good as our last order.”

Wirewerks has a Certified Installer program which is an invitation only program for structured cabling contractors and end-users with their own technicians.  Electrical Contractors, Data Communications Contractors, OSP Plant Contractors, System Integrators, Security Contractors, Audio Visual Integrators, and End-Users would all be prime examples of potential Wirewerks Certified Installers.  The Wirewerks Certified Installer program is an extension of the Wirewerks Sales and Installation Division.

Wirewerks is able to meet a number of structured cabling standards, as shown below.

slide 6

Wirewerks has created a Next Step footprint to allow easy module access, as well as front and back module insertion.  For example, the 1U patch panel is a 144F panel designed with staggered shelves where the individual modules snap easily into multiple positions.  The 4U patch panel features a staggered shelf design with the capacity to house 48 modules.

Wirewerks also has a 144F Mini-Distribution Cable with 2 mm subunits, which is available in single-mode and multi mode with color-coded subunits.  They also have a 1.2 mm Cable for a 12 fiber bundle which is also available in single-mode and multi-mode.  These Next Step solutions in cable management have been integrated into the adapter strips, patch and distribution modules.  This simplifies connector access and allows for multiple cable routing options.

The Next Step cable manager holds 72 fibers into 6 sections and is mounted with a magnet.  This cable manager simplifies MACs by managing 12 fibers at a time, has multiple positions, and is strain-free.  In addition to the cable manager, Wirewerks also has a Next Step 24F Splice Tray.  This allows for front and back splice tray insertion, with 900um splicing and ribbon splicing.  It also holds one splitter per sleeve holder, which is two per tray.

Wirewerks has many product groups, as shown below.

slide 25

This information was presented at our St. Louis Product and Technology Expo.  To see the full presentation, click here.

Interested in learning more?  Give us a call at 800-333-3122 and ask to speak with a representative in our Datacom Division to discuss how you can utilize Wirewerks on your next project.