Save Time, Space and Lower Installed Cost with Eaton’s B-Line Series 4Dimension Strut System

Save Time, Space and Lower Installed Cost with Eaton’s B-Line Series 4Dimension Strut System

We have covered Eaton’s B-Line series 4Dimension™ strut system in a past blog, introducing you to this innovative new approach to strut supports. But did you know 4Dimension strut can save you time, space and lower installed cost on MEP support applications? We’re going to take a closer look at the 4Dimension strut system and how it can help your business improve flexibility, maximize space and lower installed cost of supports in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) facility-subsystems.

Some of the biggest challenges that face owners, designers and installers today are supporting systems. There are several factors that impact job installation time, cost and complexity:

    1. Space limitations and structural obstructions
      The 4Dimension strut provides solutions to solve space limitations and structural obstructions, making those limitations of the past a distant memory. The multi-sided functionality drives flexibility and space saving opportunities. By using a 4Dimension strut as a substitute for traditional back-to-back strut, the overall height of the channel is reduced. The 4Dimension strut dove-tail bar creates an option to build instant back-to-back or side-by-side, meaning that the options are virtually limitless. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


    1. Frequency of supports and load
      The multi-sided 4Dimension strut offers the flexibility of a back-to-back system with the strength and cost similar to a single sided traditional strut system. The user now has the ability to mount items over and under the channel, therefore reducing the length of the strut required. It also has a higher strength to weight ratio than traditional struts.


    1. Product selection
      4Dimension strut is available in pre-galvanized, hot galvanized dip, Dura Green™, stainless steel 304 and 316. The 4Dimension strut system works with 2 1/2″ diameter pipe and smaller, which is up to 80% of pipe installed in a commercial structure. Even better, it is compatible with up to 90% of current traditional strut fittings.


  1. Labor Costs
    The 4Dimension strut includes innovative trapeze hanger designs that allows for quicker installation and labor savings. The Flip Clip hanger reduces the number of components to install from nine components down to five. The 4Dimension strut system turn and lock hanger reduces the total number of components from nine down to three. The system design allows for options to be pre-fabricated, which can be easier to lift and secure and help speed installation. And, the 4Dimension strut system has up to a 10x faster cutting speed due to material thickness.

To give you a more visual, real life example of the savings with 4Dimension strut, here are two case studies of traditional struts vs. Eaton’s B-Line series 4Dimension strut 4D22 and 4D21.


With the 4Dimension strut from Eaton, you now have the product that will help minimize total installed costs which helps you to be more competitive and profitable! Who wouldn’t want that? To learn more about these case studies, you can download the white paper from Eaton HERE.

Interested in learning more about the 4Dimension Strut system? Check out our product spotlight or give your French Gerleman Account Manager a call.

Featured Product: 4Dimension Strut System from B-Line by Eaton

We’re excited to introduce the latest product from B-Line by Eaton, the 4Dimension Strut System! This new strut from B-Line is truly a game changer in the industry. Save up to 50% on material and installation time with this revolutionary new strut design.

4Dimension gets its name from the unique, four-sided design that allows use of all four sides, cutting down on cost, install time and labor. We’ve been counting down the days until this exciting new launch and wanted to share the news with all of you.

This innovative new strut system from B-Line changes how contractors and installers build and install support systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, data centers and HVAC in commercial and industrial spaces. After using the 4Dimension Strut System and seeing its benefits first-hand, contractors and install specialists will be singing its praises.

The revolutionary 4Dimension strut profile design and innovative accessories help contractors and installers compress project schedules, reduce material costs and increase configuration flexibility- without sacrificing load.

4Dimension Support Photo

How 4Dimension Strut Will Save You Money:

  • Two- and four-sided functionality delivers up to 50% savings on materials and installation time
  • Functional replacement for multi-layer trapeze and back to back strut systems, with considerable cost and material savings
  • Two trapeze solutions designed to provide up to 50% reduction in installation time
  • Helps save space and weight by fully utilizing all four sides

4Dimension Strut System’s Innovative Features:

  • Two- and four-sided functionality with versatile modular design
  • Superior strength and lighter weight for ease of transport, cut and assembly
  • Innovative fitting solutions with virtually hundreds of possibilities; and compatible with more than 90% of current strut fittings and accessories
  • Ideal for new and retrofit accessories
  • Two unique trapeze solutions
  • Three new alternative to welded back to back strut
  • SH hole accepts 5/8” hardware
  • Meets or exceeds MFMA standards

How can you say no to cutting costs and saving on installation time and space? 4Dimension strut is now in stock, for more information or to place your order, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or click here to request more information.