Meet the Team: Kansas City’s Industrial Automation Specialists

Meet the Team: Kansas City’s Industrial Automation Specialists

Joe and Dominic

We’d like to introduce you to Joe LaBella and Dominic Dasta, two Automation Specialists at our French Gerleman Kansas City branch. They provide pre-sale assistance as you select and specify the optimum solution for your application, as well as post-sale technical support.  What makes them different than others in the industry? Let us tell you.

Because they are solution focused, not sales focused, they are unique to their peers in the industry.  They are available to assist, educate and answer questions.  As a customer of French Gerleman, they are available for you to contact and work with on your projects.  With an eye on the end result, they help to ensure your automation investment tackles your efficiency, productivity and profitability issues.

“We have helped customers on solutions including varying components that would normally be handled by multiple product people,” says Dasta.  “One job included: breakers; motor control and pilot devices; automation, including PLCs, distributed I/O and HMIs; drives; and even enclosures and wiring devices.”

Together, Dominic and Joe have a combined 40+ years of industry experience.  Like the rest of our Automation Specialists, they have the depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience to help answer questions and make sure your automation investment translates into increased efficiency and productivity that will improve your bottom line.

“Honestly, the best of my job is seeing how stuff gets made,” says LaBella. “Being able to listen to a customer’s unique needs for their process requirements and helping find a cost effective solution is the fun part. Starting with the customer’s design, helping provide their bill of material and then assisting them post sale is very rewarding.”

At French Gerleman, we make it our mission to solve our customers’ questions and problems, offering solutions and the insight/training you might need to strengthen your skills. If your business is looking to set up training, feel free to give us a call and we can offer options to meet your needs.


Our Kansas City branch is located in the suburb of Lenexa, Kansas along the I-35 corridor. Our territory includes Northwest, Missouri; Southwest, Missouri; and all of Kansas.

The Five Divisions of French Gerleman

At French Gerleman, we offer a wide range of innovative products and supply chain solutions. Our product depth can seem overwhelming.  To make it easier to understand, we have broken it down into the five divisions of French Gerleman. For your convenience, we are five distributors in one!

To give you a little history on how our divisions developed, we began with Automation and quickly grew into Electrical Supply.  More recently, we have expanded into Datacom, Power Transmission and Personal Safety.  The diverse products we stock and represent grew from our need to help our customers centralize their purchasing. Realize profitability improvements by using our extensive inventory to your advantage.

Our large, local inventory and vast supplier network allows customers to consolidate their purchasing resulting in less paperwork, reduced inventory, lower procurement costs and improved profitability.  Our financial strength allows us the flexibility to invest in inventory, technology, logistics, and talent resources allowing us to quickly react to changing market conditions.

In the following paragraphs, we will break down each division to give you a better idea what is we do and how we can help your company improve its efficiency and profitability.

At French Gerleman, our automation team offers dependable products, new and advanced software technology and convenient technical support for any shop-floor to top-floor solutions. We provide the expertise needed to ensure your confidence and operational excellence. The French Gerleman factory-trained automation product specialists are willing and prepared to make sure your automation investment translates into improved efficiency and productivity that will ultimately increase your bottom line. We offer more than 30 of the world’s leading brands of factory automation equipment including, but not limited to: industrial computers, programmable logic controllers, AC and DC drives and power products, machine safety and much more.

Electrical Supply
French Gerleman is one of the largest full-line electrical distributors in the region. Not only do we have the staff, inventory and structure to serve you well, but we realize that your success depends on receiving high quality products and service. Our goal is providing our customers the best customer service possible. We offer an extensive array of electrical products supported by experienced specialists. Because we invest heavily in local inventory and offer efficient delivery options, you can trust us to have the products you need, when you need them.

We understand how frustrating it can be to call multiple places to find everything you need for your data communication projects. With French Gerleman, you just have to make one call to our Datacom Hotline! We serve a variety of markets including commercial, construction and industrial. With French Gerleman, you can count on us as your single source provider for products, training, services and solutions. Are you struggling to plan, design, manage or implement your data, voice or video communications? Our staff RCDDs provide design assistance to companies who need help in developing RFPs (requests for proposal) and specifications for their structured cable systems.

Power Transmission

It takes just one call to find everything you need for your mechanical power transmission projects. We serve a variety of markets including: Commercial, Mechanical, HVAC, and Industrial.  We harness the power of our manufacturing partners and our team of experienced specialists to provide you with a total power transmission solution.  Count on French Gerleman for a complete line of products, services, training and solutions.

Looking for a wide selection of personal safety and machine safety products, services and solutions for your business? French Gerleman has access to one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories of safety products in the region! You can enjoy the convenience of a single-source provider for all your safety needs, from personal safety and protective products for your employees or the safety option for your equipment. We can help you determine the right product for company and use with one simple phone call.

Have any questions about our products or services? Feel free to give us a call at 866-808-4240.  Our sales team is happy to lend you a hand!