Featured Product: Thomas & Betts – Blackburn® Hex-Flex® Die System

Featured Product: Thomas & Betts – Blackburn® Hex-Flex® Die System

The growing popularity of flexible-conductor cable, commonly referred to as flex cable, has created challenges and headaches for installers.

Due to the nature of flexible conductors, in certain applications, the traditional hex-style crimp leaves the connection vulnerable to a reduction in pull-out ratings. The indent-style crimp works better than the hex-style crimp, but creates the same problem on flex cable as it does on code cable — lack of ability to inspect for a proper crimp.



Thomas & Betts engineers solved this dilemma by developing a solution that brings the best of both worlds to crimping flex cable —Color-Keyed® HEX-FLEX™ crimp dies. The HEX-FLEX™ crimp uses a hex-shaped upper die to create an inspectable, verifiable, embossed hex crimp on the top side of the connector, with an indenter as the lower die to create an indent crimp with superior pull-out resistance on the bottom of the connector.

A Hex-Flex connection is quick with four easy steps. And each crimp takes less than a minute.


  • Unique dies provide a high-performance crimp on flex cables that can be inspected and verified
  • Can be used on flex cable as well as code wire (consult accompanying chart for proper die and tool selection)
  • Creates a hex-style crimp on the top and an indent-style crimp on the bottom — in one easy step
  • Color-coded for easy matching with Color-Keyed® lugs and splices to eliminate costly installation errors
  • Die-code embossed on connection for easy inspection and verification
  • Full range of sizes available to cover flex conductor sizes M through K
  • Fit most existing 6- and 14-ton T&B compression tools, as well as 15-ton tools with 15500-TB adapter — no additional tool investment required
  • Dies made from high-carbon tool steel with black oxide plating for durability, corrosion resistance and long service life
  • Creates a UL Listed, CSA Certified connection when used on Color-Keyed® compression connectors with flex/24 plus classes B, C, G, H, I, K and M


This video demonstrates the simple, four-step process to make a UL Listed / CSA Certified connection using the Blackburn® HEX-FLEX® Die System, for a high-quality connection at a low installed cost.

Ask your French Gerleman representative for information on the Thomas & Betts’ Blackburn® Hex-Flex® Die System and complementary compression tools.