USB Type-C Charger Receptacles

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USB Type-C Charger Receptacles

Exciting news from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems! They have recently begun production on their new Type-C USB Charger Receptacles.


In case you haven’t heard, USB Type-C is the latest development in USB technology. It’s a major breakthrough for the USB industry, and is a technological advancement for both data transferring and battery charging. With the new USB Charger Receptacles, you can charge faster and quicker, something we’re always looking for.


The new design offers Type-C with increased power to 5 Amp and 5 Volts which is an industry first. Hubbell is the first to market a duplex receptacle equipped with not only 2 USB Type-C ports, but to also provide versions with both original USB Type A and Type C combination port receptacles. Having both ports on one device allows for the most diverse charging experience.

The latest and greatest technology is starting to support the USB Type-C charger, such as the latest version of the MacBook. Type-C allows for charging of multiple devices with the same cord. You no longer have to search through the spaghetti mess of cords to find the right one for each device. It also enables the cord to be inserted in either direction, up or down, it doesn’t matter! The USB Type-C can also be used to supply power to devices such as computer monitors, watches and other electronics.

Type-C Charger Receptacles Features:

  • 15/20A 125V Commercial and Hospital Grade versions
  • Two 5A, 5VDC USB Type-C ports meaning the fastest USB charging to date
  • Green LED light to indicate power to USB ports
  • Vented base for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacles
  • USB Ports rated for 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal

Dual Port USB A & C Charger Receptacles Features:

  • Allows compatibility with original USB and next generation of USB technology
  • 15/20A 125V Commercial and Hospital Grade versions
  • One USB A and One USB C 5A, 5VDC port
  • Green LED light to indicate power to USB ports
  • Vented base for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacles
  • USB Ports rated for 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal

Hubbell now offers more USB configurations so that customers can specify and sell/purchase what you need, want and desire. You can download the full product information HERE to learn more about the entire Hubbell family of USB Charger Receptacles or give your French Gerleman Account Manager a call to learn more about the latest from Hubbell.

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Product Spotlight: Hubbell Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

When it comes to common plugs on small devices like electronics chargers, lamps, appliances and extension cords, they often have flexible blades with sharp edges and burrs that catch in conventional temper resistant (TR) outlets. This can cause damage to the devices and/or safety concerns. Hubbell’s patented technology resolves this issue! Their receptacles are tamper-resistant, not plug resistant.

Hubbell heard concerns from customers when it came to their tamper-resistant receptacles and this drove their product development team to engineer a better way. The result? Hubbell created a patented cam action mechanism. When a plug is inserted into a Hubbell tamper-resistant receptacle, the cam will slide the insulating barrier out of the way, a rotating action that eliminates friction creating a more reliable and smoother insertion. The Hubbell Cam Action Technology makes inserting a plug as easy as plugging into a standard receptacle. This new design has been incorporated into the Hubbell Industrial, Hospital, Commercial and Residential receptacles.

Approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns from sticking objects into unprotected receptacles, according to the NFPA. The 2014 NEC Code requires that tamper-resistant receptacles to be installed in:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilitieshubbell usage
  • Child care facilities
  • Hotels/hospitality
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Schools and higher education housing
  • New and remodeled residences


We are seeing a huge surge in TR receptacles in libraries, lobbies, neo-natal wings, waiting rooms, grade schools, pediatrics and manufacturing plants, just to name a few. The safety and ease of these Hubbell tamper-resistant devices makes them perfect for these applications.

You can view the full line of tamper-resistant receptacles from Hubbell HERE. Have any questions or need help selecting what TR receptacle will work best for your location? Give your French Gerleman Account Manager a call or contact us.

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Product Spotlight: Hubbell Metal Raceway

HBL750W Family_KO

Another exciting product launch from Hubbell Wiring Devices!  Hubbell has expanded their line of surface metal raceway.  The HBL 700 series now joins the HBL 500 and HBL 750 series, which are all low profile single service metal raceway products.  Further, along with ivory, white has been added to the offering.   French Gerleman has committed stock, ready for your next planned project.

The HBL 700 series includes pull wire efficiency with Hubbell’s full 3/4 inch HBL 750 series raceways. They offer enhanced safety with rounded corners on all boxes, eliminating sharp edges. Also maximize your productivity with Hubbell’s unique Handi-Screw. This eliminates difficult to install long screws, creating a shorter, and less cumbersome installation. The one seam construction adds a “clean” look and the box design allows standard wallplates to be mounted flush with virtually no perimeter profile exposed.


Raceway Features:

  • The HBL 750 series accommodates up to five CAT 5e, three CAT 6 or two CAT 6A cables.
  • For convenience, the raceways offer triple knockouts on boxes, allowing usage with all HBL500, HBL700 and HBL750 series channels.
  • Additionally for quick installations, the prewired, Metallic Raceway family is the PlugTrak and Portable PlugTrak, available with standard, tamper-resistant or USB r

To learn more about Hubbell Metal Raceway, download the PDF HERE, or give your Account Manager a call.

We’re excited to carry this expanded, complete offering of Hubbell Raceway!  Call us, go online or stop by one of our sales counters to order today for your next project!

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Featured Product: Hubbell Circuit-Lock Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnects

The new Hubbell Circuit-Lock® Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnects are engineered to shed water and debris. They will withstand the harshest environments and frequent wash-downs, as well as outperform wherever sanitary conditions are critical. The nonporous 304 stainless steel enclosures are UL Type 4X, 12 and IP69k and designed to be easily cleaned and stay clean.

Consistent with best practices in hygienic design, virtually all horizontal surfaces have been eliminated to minimize harbors for dirt and debris. This product has been certified by NSF International for hygienic applications in food and beverage processing. The compact and installation friendly design is the perfect balance of form and function, allowing for ample wiring space and hassle free installations.


  • Available in 30A, 60A and 100A and accommodates up to two auxiliary contacts
  • 15º sloped and rounded top aids run-off by minimizing horizontal surfaces
  • Label-less cover is embossed with “ON” and “OFF”
  • Compact footprint allows for ample wiring space and hassle-free installation
  • High visibility red OSHA lockout/tagout handle is protected by a full shroud
  • Fixed offset ¼” mounting feet meet NEC® airspace requirements for metal enclosures
  • Cover cannot be removed when switch is in the “ON” position
  • Captive cover screws won’t fall out

Circuit-Lock Sloped Disconnects from Hubbell are ideal for food/beverage, pharmaceutical, meat processing, conveyor and corrosive applications.

Ask your French Gerleman representative for information on the new Hubbell Circuit-Lock Sloped Top Stainless Steel Disconnects.


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What Do the Changes to Self-Test GFCIs Mean to You?

Unless you are an electrical contractor, you might not have heard about UL 943 and the necessary transition to self-test Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). We’re here to break it down and make it simple to understand!

What is it?

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standard 943 for GFCIs requires manufacturers to include a new function for all ground fault receptacles (GFRs) being built after June 29, 2015.

What does that mean?

The new functionality required by the UL means that each GFR must automatically monitor the GFCI circuit/functionality periodically every three hours or less. It must also automatically test within five seconds of power to the device.

New 2015 GFCI Requirements

Standard 943: June 29, 2015, changes:

  • “Automatically” monitor GFCI circuit/functionality “periodically”
    • Automatically test within five (5) seconds of power to line and load terminals
    • Periodically means every three (3) hours or less
  • If the unit can no longer provide GFCI protection, it must comply with the following
    • “Deny Power” (trip with the inability to reset)
    • Trip with the ability to reset, subject to the next auto-monitoring test cycle
    • Visual and/or audible indication as permitted by UL 943
  • 30.8 visual and/or audible indication
    • GFCI must visually or audibly indicate that it does not go to power denial


What is changing for the customer?

The external changes are very minimal. There are no changes in wiring or method of installation, nor are there changes in user interface or physical size. The only physical external changes are an added power indicator and an added trip indicator.

The internal changes are moderately major. They include:

  • New microcontroller/programmed for auto monitor
  • Major component additions to printed circuit board for filtering, diagnostics and monitoring
  • Single printed circuit board changed to a double sided PCB
  • Added power LED board
  • Added electronics for trip indicator (solid red when tripped)
  • 100% new tooling across all lines for internal design changes

You can still buy and install the current generation of GFCIs until the inventories are depleted, but manufacturers will no longer produce the previous generation of GFCIs after June 29.Hubbell_SelfTestGFCI

Hubbell’s Got Your Back

With Hubbell’s Self Test GFCI Patented Technology, the GFCI receptacles continually test and monitor for “people protection capabilities” automatically. This patented safety feature includes disconnecting power to the receptacle if critical components are damaged. Give your French Gerleman representative a call to learn more about the full line of Hubbell GFCIs or to place your order!


Source: Hubbell Wiring Device- Kellems

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Honoring the Fourth of July With U.S. Made Products


In honor of the Fourth of July weekend, we wanted to write a blog that focuses on products manufactured in the USA. What better way to celebrate Independence Day? T&B says it best, “American innovation and hard work produce a current like no other.” When you connect with companies who manufacture in the USA, you connect with American jobs, products and people.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was signed in 2009 and intended to stimulate the U.S. economy by injecting $787 billion in spending and tax cuts. For federal, state and municipal projects funded by the ARRA, there is a preference for the use of U.S. domestic products. The following companies are all “Buy American” compliant:

Thomas & Betts

While Thomas & Betts has a global operations, their American workforce is more than 4,900 strong! Its U.S. plants produce a wide range of components that improve the transmission and distribution of electrical power. T&B’s Distribution Center, located in one of the top distribution regions in the country, ships 85,000 products a day to keep industry powered up. T&B has manufacturing plants in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

T&B Steel City, manufactured in the USA Steel EMT Fittings, are high-quality steel construction, ideal for use in ARRA projects requiring US manufactured components. To learn more about the available sizes, you can view their sales brochure HERE.

Hubbell Logo

Hubbell has a wide range of products available for your next project, all manufactured in the U.S.! They range from ground fault receptacles, switches, occupancy sensors, lighting controls, network wiring, cable protection products and more. For a full list of products available from Hubbell that are “Buy American” compliant be sure to download their PDF HERE.


SolaHD has a complete line of energy saving transformers that are compliant with the “Buy American” provisions of the ARRA. They are manufactured in the U.S., are compliant to NEMA TP-1 standards, single and three phase availability and are high efficiency for low cost operation. To see the full list of features and benefits and to learn more about products available from SolaHD, you can download the PDF HERE.

General Cable LOGO Green and Black

General Cable products are manufactured in America to build America. At General Cable, they provide cutting and paralleling services as well as pulling eyes for easy installation. They offer great products including STABILOY® Brand aluminum building wire as well as copper building wire and Carol® Brand cord products. They are perfect for portable power during construction. To learn more about the products available from General Cable, you can download their Manufactured in America PDF HERE.


To learn more about products that are manufactured in the USA or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, contact your French Gerleman representative. From all of us at French Gerleman, we hope you and your families have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday!

photo credit: Flag via photopin (license)

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Featured Product: Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices

We all know that mixing water and electricity does not turn out well, so if you’re looking for superior watertight wiring devices, look no further than Hubbell!  This new line has a wide range of watertight devices are the perfect solution for your industry.

Here are a few applications for Hubbell’s Watertight Series Devices:

Water Treatment
Hubbell devices are made to withstand the most abusive environments such as water treatment plants.

Food and Beverage Processing
Each Hubbell device is rated to withstand harsh, wet environments common to food and beverage facilities meeting stringent UL and NSF requirements.

Mud, standing water and abuse are no match to these rugged engineered devices. Put them to the test!

Outdoor entertainment
Power is delivered consistently when the show must go on. Perfect for concerts, fairs, runs and other outdoor events.

Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices are ideal for delivering power to all types of industrial machinery and equipment.


Hubbell’s products stand apart from their competitors:

  • NEMA 6 and IP69 rated for superior water resistance
  • National Sanitation Foundation recognized
  • Keyed interior for easy installation
  • Hubbell’s patented Gotcha®ring and collapsible bushing yields the industry’s best strain relief
  • All stainless steel hardware and corrosive resistant connection points
  • Smooth body design minimizes collection points simplifying the wash down process


HUB_Watertight_GroupThe full line of Hubbell’s Watertight Series Devices includes:

  • Plugs and Connectors
  • Lift Covers
  • Bushing, Cone Seals and Closure Caps
  • FD Boxes
  • Angled Adapters
  • Portable Outlet Boxes
  • Covers for Portable Outlet Boxes and Panels


Interested in learning more about Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices or in placing an order? Give us a call at 866-808-4240, we’d be happy to help!