Ring in the New Year with French Gerleman

Ring in the New Year with French Gerleman

Happy New Year! Have you made your requisite new year’s resolutions (or at least thought about making one)? Perhaps it’s your goal to lose weight, eat healthier, spend more time with family or so on. But how about a New Year’s Resolution for your business? For 2016, let us help you stay more organized and take a weight off your shoulders with our logistics and support.

Whether you’re looking to save money, be more productive, or save time with ordering, we’re here to help and make your life easier. Don’t take on the additional headache and stress for 2016, we aim to ease the process and help make the logistics run smoothly. Need next day delivery? No problem, we have the stock and fleet of trucks necessary for a quick turnaround.

Green_imageIf you’re interested in reducing waste and conserving natural resources, we can help manage your bulk recycling! If you’re interested in setting up a bulk recycling program for your company, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or contact us to review our available program options.  To see the full list of program guidelines and learn more, visit our recycling service page HERE.

If you’re looking for ways to save time this year, look no further than our online ordering platform, eQuote! With eQuote, we have streamlined the ordering process to offer easy and efficient ordering and quotes in one central location. See more about this convenient ordering platform HERE.

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Let French Gerleman help your business with our logistical offerings, including quick delivery, the largest warehouse and inventory in the area and extensive benefits for customers including kitting and job storage. To see how you can improve your business by leveraging French Gerleman’s logistics, be sure to check out our detailed blog HERE.

At French Gerleman, we want to help make 2016 the best year yet for your business. We look forward to answering any questions you might have and helping you meet your goals for the new year.

Improve Your Business by Leveraging FG’s Logistics

At French Gerleman, we strive to offer our customers the best overall experience.  This includes customer service, creating a streamlined and efficient ordering process and delivering the best products in a timely manner.

What makes French Gerleman an industry leader? In this article, we profile how our logistical efficiencies help us improve your experience.

Delivery Options
We have a fleet of 24 trucks, some with side roll doors, ready and prepared to serve you. We offer local and inter-branch transfers, meaning we can access the products you need with a quick turnaround. In addition to box trucks, we have specialized trucks with flat bed gates that make certain deliveries easier and more efficient. Our large fleet of trucks allows us to accommodate your time sensitive deliveries.

We have morning and afternoon deliveries, as well as same day delivery if an order is placed by a certain time (please call for details). If you’re in a pinch and need something delivered immediately, we work with couriers and offer creative shipping solutions. For example, we’ve worked with airlines to get products delivered across the country the same day. If you need it, we will come up with a way to get our products to you (including internationally, if required)!

Warehouse Size, Scope and Processes
Our Regional Distribution Facility in St. Louis offers more than 134,000 square feet of space, all barcoded, which improves our shipping and receiving process and keeps our inventory updated and accurate. Companywide, we stock more than $20 million of inventory. If you’re looking for a specific product, chances are we have it.

Our Regional Distribution Facility runs two shifts to pick and prep shipment for the next day, and we will stay until all products are pulled and verified. Our two-step verification process ensures we are getting our customers exactly what they ordered. One employee will pull a product, and another will check it to verify it is correct.

Industrial Customer Benefits
It can be overwhelming to look at your order and see multiple items listed. We offer kitting in which we can put together multiple items into a kit or bundle to order and receive as a single SKU.

When you place a large order, it can be frustrating when your shipment comes and you’re trying to organize and sort the material. To simplify this process, we developed a custom labeling system to make your receiving process easier. Each line on the packing slip shows what box a product is in, and we can color code each box to match your purchase order or packing slip to trim your receiving time, making you more efficient.

If you’re planning a large project, but don’t have the space to store all the products or your equipment, we can lease out space in our warehouse to customers for storage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your products are stored in a safe place, and we will arrange for delivery when you are ready for them.

Contractor Customer Benefits
Like with the industrial benefits, we offer our contractor customers job storage options and will deliver to you when you are ready, including staging product for your projects. We offer mobile job site carts which allows you to keep materials stored, organized and prepped for projects.

We also have Tilt pipe carts that help move wire around and tip to get into elevators. This makes moving from floor to floor more manageable. The tile cart has been modified to handle bundles of conduit. By using the rotating sides of the cart is capable of easily moving bundles via elevators.

metal wire reels

Another option we offer to help our contractors is metal wire reels. These help with heavy wire at job sites to keep them organized and make installation easier.

We want to hear from you. Your feedback is important, and helps push us to be our best. Is there anything you would like to see us do or offer that would make the customer experience better for you? Let us know!

French Gerleman Debuts New Wire Cutting Area Layout


With the recent increase in popularity of colored wire, French Gerleman’s wire inventory investment has more than tripled.  Because of the added SKUs, we realized we were quickly outgrowing the original layout of our Wire Cutting Department in our Corporate Headquarters and Regional Distribution Facility in St. Louis.

We’re excited to announce and debut the new layout for our corporate Wire Cutting Department that serves not only St. Louis, but offers next day service to all of our French Gerleman branches. We sat down with our Director of Logistics, Alex McKie, to discuss the new wire cutting area layout and what the changes mean for our customers.

“After five months of planning, our team developed and deployed a new, expanded layout for our wire cutting area,” said McKie. “We are thrilled with the results and the resulting efficiencies from our new layout.”

The new Wire Cutting Department layout greatly increased productivity. Since all the wire reels are now able to be stored on racks, we are able to pull wire directly from racks, which is more efficient. The new layout benefits our customers because it has allowed us to bring in more colors of copper wire and expand into aluminum colored wire. We nearly doubled the space to more than 3,000 ft2 and increased from 46 bays to 79 bays.  This allows us to accommodate an additional 164 wire reels, including stock in seven new colors of copper and four new colors in aluminum to date.


“With the expansion of our wire area, we were able to hire a third person to help meet increased customer demands which now average more than 80 cuts per day. Our old layout could not accommodate three people working simultaneously and now there is plenty of room, and work, for everyone,” says McKie. The new layout also allows space to stage wire for customers to ensure JIT delivery and allows us to help lock in costs in these fluctuating commodities. This helps to insulate customers from price spikes due to rising commodity costs.

The new layout was developed with future expansion in mind. The setup allows for additional racks to be added as inventory and customer demand increases.

At the end of the day, the new wire cutting area was designed to make French Gerleman’s Wire Cutting Department more efficient and improve our responsiveness to customer demands. We are able to handle more daily wire cuts and increase the inventory options to provide our customers a greater wire selection.

To learn more about the wire cutting area and what wires we have available, contact your French Gerleman representative.


About French Gerleman’s Wire Management Solutions

French Gerleman offers a wide range of wire management solutions that help save you time, money and material. Enjoy the added convenience of colored wire and reel feeders designed to maximize productivity.

We offer additional services that make doing business with French Gerleman convenient. From product staging to wire cutting, French Gerleman knows customers are focused on saving time and money and cutting expenses out of projects. We strive to offer the most efficient and labor saving products and services available.

Job/Project Services:

  • Staging
  • Storage
  • Delivery and placement
  • Scrap management

Labor Saving Services:

  • Paralleling (single and multi-compartment)
  • Pulling grips/heads
  • Cut to length
  • Tag marking
  • Product ID bands/wraps
  • Prepared reels

Streamline Construction Projects with Prefabrication

You might have heard the term “prefabrication” floating around, but what is it really and what are the benefits to electrical contractors? Why should electrical contractors consider prefab products as an option?

In the electrical contracting business, parts of the job that were once completely built and installed on-site, are now predesigned and fabricated off-site. Prefabrication can combat challenges facing many electrical contractors including the ongoing need or demand for qualified labor, control of efficiency, quality and expense on out of area/town projects, and fluctuating profit margins and frequent schedule compressions. Prefabrication can even provide an advantage on project quotes by minimizing added labor expenses in highly competitive bid situations.

In commercial construction, labor cost is the single largest expense for an electrical contractor and can make or break a project’s profitability. How can you make your projects more competitive and profitable? Replace the tedious, repetitive portion of conventional installation with an innovative, prefabricated solution.

Prefabrication provides many contractor benefits:

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs from a project and improve efficiencies by leveraging prefabricated assemblies. By utilizing prefabrication, you purchase the products you required for the job without the need to meet minimum order requirements. When the job is complete, there is no leftover material to move and inventory.

Our account team can help you identify opportunities to standardize on certain assemblies to maximize efficiency and contain costs.  Project schedules can be accelerated and weather delays can be minimized.


With prefabrication, you know exactly what to expect each time you order, and won’t be surprised by something unexpected. This consistency in product saves you time and efficiency. Utilizing technology to identify what assembly is needed and where it should be installed reduces on-site labor and can help ensure the overall quality of the installation. It also helps minimize potential mistakes and reworking required on jobsites.


When products are needed at a jobsite, it can be a logistic nightmare trying to coordinate ordering, shipping, managing resources and the actual install. With ordering prefabricated products from French Gerleman, we take the headache out of the process. Store your prefab products on the job site.  Ask about “Store-N-Go” French Gerleman’s onsite material management solution.

Working with our manufacturer partners, French Gerleman helps you determine the prefabrication solution you need to help keep your project organized and on time. The exact quantities of assemblies ordered are delivered direct to the job site — with project-specific packaging and labeling to reduce material handling and inventory costs. We can also employ job site carts to further enhance the efficiencies of your pre-fab solution.

Here are a three popular prefabricated solutions that our customers can choose from:

B-Line Ruff-IN™ Pre-Fabricated Assemblies


Eaton’s B-Line Series Ruff-IN Pre-Fab Assemblies feature a comprehensive line of products and solutions to fulfill virtually any electrical contractor request.  Our unparalleled service delivers quick turn-around times on quoting and assemblies, and our sales tools help the customer detail cost savings, and aid in constructing pre-fab quotations.

Thomas & Betts eFab


From online to on-site, eFAB™ by Thomas & Betts reduces labor, inventory and shipping costs.  The online tool lets electrical contracting professionals design, order and schedule shipment of Steel City® prefabricated rough-in electrical assemblies. Includes ARRA compliant and IBEW made products.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Pre-wired Raceway

Hubbell Prewired Raceway

Hubbell Prewired RacewayHubbell’s pre-wired raceway systems will accommodate your power and data requirements as your facility changes over time. Pre-wired raceways provide you with the benefit of keeping your fast track projects on schedule, and completing the job on time! Our pre-wired raceway solutions will save up to 45% of the installation time needed for field installing component raceway parts.


For more information on how French Gerleman can help you include prefabrication on your next job, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or click here.