Product and Technology Expo Schedule of Events

Product and Technology Expo Schedule of Events

Just released! Here is the Product and Technology Expo Schedule. Don’t forget to register for this great event. For more info or to register, simply click HERE or visit or last blog to learn more HERE.

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Tradeshow floor hours:
8AM to 5PM

Breakout sessions and classes:


  • Steinhauer ModCenter- Hoffman
  • Manufacturing Matters- Rockwell Automation
  • From the Plant Floor to the Cloud- The Industrial Internet of Things- HMS Industrial Networks


  • ANSI/TIA 4966 Educational Standard & General Updates- Belden
  • Do’s and Don’ts of LED Lighting Criteria for Selecting Lighting- French Gerleman
  • Five Steps to Hazard Communication (GHS) Compliance- Brady
  • Overview and User Impacts on the June 2016 US Motor Efficiency Regulations & Bearing/Shaft Currents on Motors Operated on Adjustable Speed Drives- WEG Electric Corporation


  • APC Addresses Burgeoning IOT Growth with Micro Data Center Solutions for Edge Computing- APC
  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions- Universal Lighting Technologies
  • Understanding the UL486F Standards for Bare & Covered Ferrules- Panduit
  • Electro Motor Bearing Failure and Use of the Proper VFD Cable- Fluke and SolaHD


  • Migrating from 10G Ethernet to 40G…and Beyond- Panduit
  • Lower Installed Cost Solutions- Eaton’s B-Line Series Solutions
  • New Metal Clad Cable and Liquidtight Products- AFC Cable Systems
  • Power Quality Problem Identification and Mitigation- Fluke and SolaHD




  • Datacenters-Becoming More Common in Our Workplace, Next Step High Density Fiber Solution- Wirewerks
  • Do’s and Don’ts of LED Lighting Criteria for Selecting Lighting- French Gerleman
  • Making Sense of Your Wiring Device Choices- Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
  • Steinhaur ModCenter- Hoffman
  • Machine Safety Lifecycle and Modern Safety Solutions- Rockwell Automation


  • Smart Solutions: Imagine the Advantages of an Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure that Delivers the Capabilities You Need to Achieve Your IT Objectives- Emerson Networks/Liebert
  • Ergonomics and Safety- Greenlee
  • Electrical Safety Through Design- Mersen
  • Manufacturing Matters- Rockwell Automation
  • 10-Link Enabling the Connected Enterprise- Rockwell Automation


  • Seeing is Believing- Real-Time Physical Network Visualization- DEMONSTATIONPanduit
  • Switchgear 101- Understanding Switchgear Requirements- French Gerleman
  • Fundamentals of Harmonics in VFD Applications- MTE
  • Simple, Secure Remote Access for Machine Builders, DEM, and System Integrators- eWON
  • Rockwell Automation Network Solutions with Stratix Switches- Rockwell Automation


  • Switchgear 102- Understanding Switchgear Requirements- French Gerleman
  • Simulation, It’s More Than Just OTS- MYNAH
  • High Performance Controls for Smart Manufacturing- Rockwell Automation