French Gerleman Wire Management Solutions and GenClean from General Cable

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French Gerleman Wire Management Solutions and GenClean from General Cable

At French Gerleman, our expanded wire management solutions help save you time, money and get you the right materials! We are constantly expanding our colored wire offering to help make your jobs more efficient and safe.

Not only do we offer the standard black and colored wire and cable, but we also offer various wooden and metal compartment reel options to allow for parallel pulling. Even more, we can install pulling heads for more efficient, fast pull and we can even custom label your reels to aid in delivery to multiple locations, which will save you time and a headache, trying to sort out what needs to go where.

A product we are excited to offer at French Gerleman is GenClean™ by General Cable, ideally suited for the food/beverage industry. CAROL® Cable is a trusted brand who revolutionized the cord industry with Super Vu-Tron®, and have now made a splash with their Carol Brand Rubber Cord featuring GenClean technology. The rubber cord with GenClean jacket technology can substantially reduce the environmental conditions conducive to microbial growth.

GenClean Product Sheet

The GenClean jacket has been tested with many solvents and has proven itself in the toughest of environments, which is something we look for in our products.  Furthermore, its super tough jacket construction is built to withstand daily abuse, temperature extremes (-50°C to 105°C) and high-stress industrial environments.  It is abrasion-, cut-, heat-, flame-, sunlight- and chemical-resistant and includes the following benefits:

  • Smooth rubber jacket with enhanced ability to be properly cleaned
  • High durability for longer life-cycle
  • High performance in the harshest manufacturing environments
  • Excellent flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Resistant to oils, acids, chemicals, ozone and sunlight (UV)
  • Abrasion- and cut-resistant
  • High heat and flame resistance
  • TRU-Mark® Sequential Footage Marking System

If you are interested in learning more about French Gerleman’s Wire Management Solutions or General Cable’s GenClean, give your Account Manager a call today or request more info HERE.

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French Gerleman Debuts New Wire Cutting Area Layout


With the recent increase in popularity of colored wire, French Gerleman’s wire inventory investment has more than tripled.  Because of the added SKUs, we realized we were quickly outgrowing the original layout of our Wire Cutting Department in our Corporate Headquarters and Regional Distribution Facility in St. Louis.

We’re excited to announce and debut the new layout for our corporate Wire Cutting Department that serves not only St. Louis, but offers next day service to all of our French Gerleman branches. We sat down with our Director of Logistics, Alex McKie, to discuss the new wire cutting area layout and what the changes mean for our customers.

“After five months of planning, our team developed and deployed a new, expanded layout for our wire cutting area,” said McKie. “We are thrilled with the results and the resulting efficiencies from our new layout.”

The new Wire Cutting Department layout greatly increased productivity. Since all the wire reels are now able to be stored on racks, we are able to pull wire directly from racks, which is more efficient. The new layout benefits our customers because it has allowed us to bring in more colors of copper wire and expand into aluminum colored wire. We nearly doubled the space to more than 3,000 ft2 and increased from 46 bays to 79 bays.  This allows us to accommodate an additional 164 wire reels, including stock in seven new colors of copper and four new colors in aluminum to date.


“With the expansion of our wire area, we were able to hire a third person to help meet increased customer demands which now average more than 80 cuts per day. Our old layout could not accommodate three people working simultaneously and now there is plenty of room, and work, for everyone,” says McKie. The new layout also allows space to stage wire for customers to ensure JIT delivery and allows us to help lock in costs in these fluctuating commodities. This helps to insulate customers from price spikes due to rising commodity costs.

The new layout was developed with future expansion in mind. The setup allows for additional racks to be added as inventory and customer demand increases.

At the end of the day, the new wire cutting area was designed to make French Gerleman’s Wire Cutting Department more efficient and improve our responsiveness to customer demands. We are able to handle more daily wire cuts and increase the inventory options to provide our customers a greater wire selection.

To learn more about the wire cutting area and what wires we have available, contact your French Gerleman representative.


About French Gerleman’s Wire Management Solutions

French Gerleman offers a wide range of wire management solutions that help save you time, money and material. Enjoy the added convenience of colored wire and reel feeders designed to maximize productivity.

We offer additional services that make doing business with French Gerleman convenient. From product staging to wire cutting, French Gerleman knows customers are focused on saving time and money and cutting expenses out of projects. We strive to offer the most efficient and labor saving products and services available.

Job/Project Services:

  • Staging
  • Storage
  • Delivery and placement
  • Scrap management

Labor Saving Services:

  • Paralleling (single and multi-compartment)
  • Pulling grips/heads
  • Cut to length
  • Tag marking
  • Product ID bands/wraps
  • Prepared reels